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Samsung delivers enterprise mobility, the tools to connect, create and collaborate like never before 

Powerful hardware connecting your business to the world. You have the ideas, we have the tools, allow us to create a flexibile solution for your business.

At Samsung we design, engineer and build our business devices in-house.  Its our goal to provide powerful tools that people can count on to perform at very high standards, day after day.  Traditional Telephony PBX to Hosted hardware supported remotely, delivered Australia wide.

Samsung's range of cloud connected systems offer an expansive choice of Telephony devices and end user options delivering voice and data solutions, over a single infrastructure.  Your Business agility is maintained with options for consolidating both services and sites.

Businesses want to work smart, with secure technology solutions that help promote productivity and performance; solutions that give employees and customers the power to connect, create and collaborate.

Enter Samsung and the new business experience.  We can offer an extensive range of products and integrated, end-to-end solutions that can help change how you do business, creating a near seamless and engaging experience for employees and customers.  Together with our business partners, we can work alongside you to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your business, and create customised solutions.

End Points

IP phones, Digital phones, mobiles and data

Samsung Business Devices

Business devices, Digital Desk Phones, IP terminals, Mobile handsets and tablets

Network Offices

Samsung OfficServ 7000 include the structure and intelligence to enable your various staff and businesses to work together seamlessly, information reaches recipients quicker and through the most appropriate medium.

Complete communications packages. Samsung systems provide a full suite Systems packaged to include features that cater for your growing businesses.



  • A place where people are free

  • To be where they need  to be

  • Technology is a joy to use

  • Where people connect seamlessly

  • Collaboration and creativity abounds

  • Where customers enjoy rich and relevant experiences

  • And your business is transformed

  • To a future you've only imagined

  • Full of new possibilities


Communications Experts

Samsung Communications Centre have experienced staff that are dedicated on delivering working solutions. Our team is all about our customers and we pride ourselves on the services we deliver.

Our Team helps you evaluate your current business needs to ensure you get the most cost-effective solution, so you know you are getting the right services without having to employ skilled telephony and networking resources internally.



Our Solutions

Digital business accelerates performance and reduces committed rental and call costs

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