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How do I change the time and date on my handset?

 Access Customer Programming:

    1. Dial Transfer 200

   2. Dial 1234

   3. Dial 1 (“enable” displays on bottom line, handset now in program mode)

   4. Dial Transfer (LCD Screen resets to EST time and date)


Change the Time/Date:

    1. Dial Transfer 505

   2. Enter new date then time

   3. Dial Transfer to save and exit.


How do I program speed dials?

 Personal Speed Dials can be programmed directly from every handset, Dial Transfer 105, select Memory Location 00 to 09 press 0 for Outside line and press number to be stored.

 System Speed Dials can be programmed whilst in Administrator Mode, Dial Transfer 705, select Memory Location 500 to 999.

 Dial 16 and Memory location to Dial.

Download Station Speed Dials PDF document


 How do I forward my calls?

 Personal calls can be forwarded from every handset to another Handset or off site.

 The following Codes can be dialled from your handset:

 60 0 Cancel All Forwarding

60 1 Forward All Calls

60 2 Forward on Busy

60 3 Forward on No Answer

60 4 Forward on Busy and No Answer

60 6 Follow Me (Dial 606 and your extensions number while at another desk, to forward all calls)

Group Calls cannot be forwarded by a group member. Redirect a Group call to a single extension, (Virtual, Digital or Analogue), then forward the extension either All Call Forward or No Answer Forward.

Download Call Forwarding PDF Document


Can I access my Voice Mail messages remotely?

Yes, you can access your messages remotely by calling your telephone and entering the mail box message. Access codes vary between voice mail models, normal access is secured by dialling # at the message prompt and entering your password, then follow the normal message prompts.

Notification of your received messages remotely is made simple with the Email gateway, which will email your voice mail message as a wave file to your Outlook mail box.

Download Voicemail Quick Reference Guide PDF document


If I am having problems with my lines, what should I do?

Confirm the problem is a line fault (not a system fault) and test your telephone system by establishing an internal call. For line faults, you should contact your carrier directly and log a line fault. This service is provided by carriers as part of your line rental agreement.


What does my new telephone system warranty cover?

A standard warranty on a new telephone system will cover the replacement or repair of faulty system hardware for 12 months from the date of installation.

As an extended service on most system sales, we provide an optional Priority Service Agreement with the system offering extended onsite warranty, remote support and help desk, and priority assistance to jump the queue!


What is Priority Service?

Our Priority Service Agreement customers enjoy peace of mind and comfort with an extended on site warranty and Priority Service ensuring priority assistance and assured response times (two hours for critical faults and eight hours for minor faults).

Priority Service Customers enjoy a premium service, including open access to our Remote Help desk, Priority Service response, User reference support documentation and Account Management from our experienced Technical resource team.


What work do I need to pay for when covered by a Priority Service Agreement?

All Adds, Moves and Changes are chargeable at standard Fee for Service rates. Extended Remote Help Desk is available for clients covered under a Priority Service Agreement. Help Desk can also provide documentation via email to assist with System Administrator changes.

Samsung Communications Centre provides our priority customers with an experienced helpdesk team.

If you have the question, our helpdesk team has the answer. Our experienced team are trained to assist in identifying an issue and providing you with the correct solution.

If your question does not appear here please contact our helpdesk directly on 1300 6 555 22