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IP Handsets

Samsung SMT handset range offer large, clear screens that display intuitive, relevant information direct to your handset giving you visibility and control of your communications. Direct access to voice mail, call logs and system directory are features accessible at the touch of a button.  IP phones offer greater call quality and functionality, including call handling, directories, desk top integration and options to connect from anywhere.

All our IP Handsets have headset capability, high quality voice & hands free, Phone books and call logs, fixed fuction keys (Volume / Transfer / Hold / Conference / Speaker)

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5243

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5243

Ideal for Executive users     

  • Large vibrant colour display with 10 menu keys

  • Video call capability (requires USB camera)

  • 24 Feature keys and 99 soft keys

  • USB port and Bluetooth® compatibility.

  • Up loadable ring tones and pictures

  • XML browser for customised applications / screens

  • Supports optional Gigabit module

  • Power over Ethernet Compatibility (802.3af)

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5264 AOM

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5264 AOM

Ideal for Receptionist, this 64 button Add On Module is useful when accessibility to and status of multiple extensions is required.

  • 64 Programmable buttons with LED’s
  • Direct Station Select
  • Busy Lamp Field Indication
  • Integrates with SMT-i5220/5243 handsets
  • Up to 2 add on modules can be integrated to the reception handset, providing 128 Programmable      buttons.
  • A PC based Operator console is also available.
Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5220

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5220

Ideal for users who require multiple, direct extension access.

  • LCD display, 3.2 inch black & white
  • 24 programmable keys and 99 soft keys
  • 15 Feature keys
  • Presence Information Management
  • XML Browser (Text Only)
  • Power over Ethernet Compatibility (802.3af)
  • Synchronised phone book and call log to OfficeServ Communicator
Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5210

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5210

Perfect for General Office use 


  • LCD display, 3.2 inch black & white

  • 14 programmable keys and 99 soft keys

  • Presence Information Management

  • Advance UC Collaboration features

  • XML Browser for customised applicaitons/screen (text)

  • Option for Gigabit Ethernet connection

  • Power over Ethernet Compatibility


Samsung Multimedia Telephone i3105

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i3105

This handset is suited for low to moderate users.  

  • Adjustable graphical black & white 4 line display

  • 5 Programmable Keys and 99 soft keys

  • 9 Feature keys (including 3 soft keys)

  • 2 Ethernet switch ports

  • Power over Ethernet compatibility

  • Fixed function key (Speaker/LED, Volume, Transfer, Hold, Conference)

  • Message waiting indicator

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5100 Wireless

Samsung Multimedia Telephone i5100 Wireless

Samsung OfficeServ wireless IP handsets will liberate you from the confines of your office.

  • Answer, Call, Transfer, Hold – all PABX functions
  • Local or Roaming Wireless Extension
  • Connect to open WiFi Hotspot – anywhere in the world
  • Free Intercom calls to any Samsung extension
  • 4 pre-set auto WiFi Logins, e.g. auto login to 2nd office and Home office wireless networks
  • High quality voice