Samsung Communications Centre



Connect Co-workers, Vendors and Customers with the expertise and information they need

Never miss another call, Voicemail configured with simple access for one button action creating options for your employees to never miss on an  important message, when they are unable to attend to direct calls.

Features of voicemail are:-

  • Callers may be routed directly to voice mail or transferred to the telephone or mobile
  • Custom greetings
  • Email Gateway - the voicemail message is emailed directly to your inbox
  • Remote access to voice messages
  • Personal reminders
  • Auto forward
  • Outlook Synchronizes with Telephone Mailbox

OfficeServ IP-UMS

Samsung's OfficeServ IP-UMS voice processing and Unified Messaging application provides a unified messaging platform that allows  yourself or your employees to access any type of messages anytime, anywhere. Just think of the increased efficiency and productivity your business could benefit from.  IP-UMS allows you to customise how you receive your voicemail, email and fax.  It merges it all through a robust unified messaging system for small to medium businesses to professionally manage customer and business contacts.

Each Company has their own unique and individual infrastructure  that we take into consideration when creating a  strategy that enables us to customise your requirements to suit you and position your business with the latest technology.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is a 24 hour receptionist, it ensures that all your calls are efficiently routed to the appropriate department or person which helps improve your customer experience and reduce the amount of calls lost or abandoned.

Text To Speech (TTS)

Listen to your emails on your mobile phone with Text-to-speech. This great feature makes the mobile worker more responsive and it doesn't matter where you are in the world you can access your email on any phone.


  • TTS translates the sender’s name and subject - Subscriber can choose to listen to the e-mail body
  • User will be notified of any attachments in the email message.
  • If the E-mail is accidentally deleted, the user can easily undelete using the Telephone
  • User Interface (TUI) or web interface at any time, prior to the daily maintenance time.

Scalability and Networking

Allows any size business to utilise these messaging solutions and create a centralised voicemail/messaging system for multiple sites.


Allows your staff to receive messages from their callers when they are not at their desk.

Unified Messaging

Easy to access your voice, fax and email messages from the telephone system and your Microsoft outlook application. 

Desktop Faxing

Send and receive faxes from your PC with no more dedicated lines, fax modems, fax machines and no more waiting time.   This reduces cost s and improve customer service with immediate document sending.


  • Faxes are sent to, and delivered from, your existing email accounts
  • Fax Mail
  • Fax-On-Demand (Information Library)
  • Faxing from desktop Fax Send

Easy Management

With OfficeServ IP-UMS, you can access messages through a variety of convenient methods : Outlook, Web and IP Telephone, Mobile Phone and Hotel Phone.

Synchronized Messaging

OS IP-UMS enables the user to access Voice, Fax, and E-mail messages from both their Samsung Telephone Mailbox and their Microsoft Outlook/Exchange mailbox.  Message Status (Read, Unread, New, Saved and Deleted) are kept fully synchronized between the Telephone Mailbox and the Outlook Mailbox