Samsung Communications Centre

Automated Attendant

Samsung Auto Attendant can help you establish a professional first impression, and serve your customers with utmost sophistication and simplified call reception and management processes.

The Auto Attendant is your 24 hour receptionist, incoming calls never go un-attended! With the ability to answer multiple calls simultaneously, the auto attendant creates a simple contact centre structure within the organisation serving as a front line for your customers' first point of contact.

All external callers are prompted to enter their choice of destination without the need for a receptionist to manage the call.  If no destination is specified within a certain time frame, the call automatically is directed to a pre-defined destination.  It is a fantastic solution for your busy working environment.   

Some advance features of Automated Attendant:-

  • custom greetings for different departments
  • Intelligent call routing function that are based on the callers response
  • Pre-defined destination routing in absence of caller response
  • Directory Dialling
  • Incoming call overflow
  • Operator access
  • Automatic after hours answering
  • Call screening