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VoIP Connect

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cost effective communications solution that allows organisations to reduce their telecommunications costs. VoIP is ideal for businesses that would like to invest in a IP Phone Systems, IP PBX or Hosted IP PBX Systems by replacing the traditional telephone lines VoIP enables organisations to realise the efficiencies of converging voice and data networks.

VoIP allows you and your business to save on your telecommunications expenses and allows you to increase your productivity to have greater flexibility.

Samsung VoIP, IP and Digital phone handsets allow  the user to make calls over IP networks instead of standard PSTN lines. There are many different varieties of VoIP phones that are on the market such as IP Softphones, IP Smartphones, IP USB Hard phones and IP Wireless phones with each of these individual phones have some great benefits.

Samsung Communications Centre can provide with you the best possible solution to assist you with your VoIP requirements. 

Advantages of VoIP:

  • High quality communications within a single infrastructure
  • Reduced communications costs
  • Remote and multi-site capability
  • Mobility options
  • Easy to migrate existing phone lines to VoIP
  • Advanced communication tools and features. 

Our skilled Sales Experts are able to provide you with customised solution that are specifically designs for you and your business to give you simple, secure and scale converged voice and data networks solutions.

 All-in-One Hosted Communications

A hosted IP phone systems or VOIP Phone systems gives you the same functions and capabilities of your standard telephone systems without having the need for a PABX on site. 

A hosted IP Phone System would be housed and operated by an off site provider who would assist with the management of your VoIP System.  VOIP is an integrated communication tool that has the great potential to provide and assist businesses to improve their system and staffs performance and productivity.

Please contact our Team for detailed information on how we can upgrade your Business.