Samsung Communications Centre

Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange gives you the capability for your telephone to connect directly to your PC which allows you to be more productive with your time.  By having Samsung Xchange, this will allow you to have complete control of your telephone from your Computer.  This allows you to make calls, receive calls, forward calls, put calls on hold and transfer calls directly from your Computer. 

Samsung Xchange can also access your database and can search through the contacts in the database for you and display their details, this allows you to view the person who is attempting to contact you on the telephone.

It also has a "Presence" feature that enables you to view a customised list that you have created that shows you whether those particular people are in "Do Not Disturb" mode, out of the office or in a meeting.

Additional Features 

  • A detailed call history to see at a glance who you have been calling and called by, no more lost calls.
  • Dial from anywhere - Web pages, Microsoft applications, most database applications and many other places.
  • Google places integration     
  • Multi-Site support