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The New Mobility Experience

Stay in touch

on the road or in the office

powerful tools for your business

Mobility that gives you flexibility - take a call where ever you may be or have an extension at home or in a 2nd office

 To get the most out of your business, Samsung's mobility solutions allows your mobile workers to remain connected at all times even when they are away from their desk.

Wireless Mobility - Samsung OfficeServ wireless IP handsets will give you the freedom to be out and about from the office and still be able to work.  This will also help with cost efficiency and saving as it eliminates the need to cabling and maintenance.

Advanced Features:-

  • High level feature integration

Features of phone system are seamlessly extended to the wireless handset securely and effortlessly

  • Excellent voice quality

Guaranteed priority for voice IP packets

  • Easy system configuration & programming

Changing settings can be done simply and easily via a handset or networked PC.

  • Large area coverage

Supports an unlimited number of Wireless Access Points

Continue to use your wireless handsets and access points if you migrate to a large Samsung OfficeServ platform.

OfficeServ Mobex Application

Samsung's OfficeServ Mobile Extension (MOBEX) takes mobility a step further, ensuring you have connectivity whilst you or your staff are out and about access to their desk phone for efficiency contact and customer management.

The Mobex application allows up to five numbers (your personal virtual ring group) to be paired to your desk phone, programmed to ring simultaneously when you are away from your main phone. 

With today's competitive market place there is high demand for flawless connectivity for your business more than ever!

With Samsung's advanced Mobex functionality, being in contact is just a button away.