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VoIP & Hosted Systems



Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides cost effective communications for organisations committed to strategies that lead to reduced business costs.  Replacing traditional telephone company circuits. Converged solutions enable organisations to realise the efficiencies of converging voice and data networks.

Advantages of using VoIP IP Lines

  • IP Lines  allow for complete portability of existing telephone lines to a VoIP connection

  • Lower  costs with Line rental, single rate local and national rates

  • Single infrastructure connection via a business grade Internet connection

  • Increased feature set, Caller ID, call Forward, Port in Options with current Phone number to a single circuit

 Advantages of using VoIP IP Extensions

  • IP Connectivity extends your Desk phone to remote Staff via the internet

  • Mobility Applications allow for IP extensions to your mobile device

  • Wide range of IP and SMT (Samsung Multimedia Terminals) handsets

 Advantages of using VoIP Hosted System

  • Remote Hosted System allows for flexibility in creating business

  • All-in-one hosted Communications simplify administration and up front hardware costs 

Never change your phone number again! Let us port and migrate you onto a VoIP/Hosted System. We will work with you and help you to determine what solution is right for you and your business.

Save on your Call Costs with a Samsung VoIP Phone System - we Supply, Install and Maintain your System.